Tiger's Roar


High output humbucker with hybrid magnetic configurations(AlNiCo5/N35) and asymmetric build with strong attack, roaring bass and singing high-mids. It has plenty of highs for those screaming pinched harmonic solos. Can be split, and each coil produces a different tonal character.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms): 2200Hz
  • DC resistance: 15k


Humbucker pickup with hybrid magnets and asymmetric build with a firm attack, plenty of bass and nice well rounded highs, good choice for some crisp clean tones too. When split, each coil has its own sounds: the AlNiCo produces rounded, soft and warm tones while the neodymium side has a firm bite and a nice crisp to it.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms): 3500Hz
  • DC resistance: 7k

Tiger's Roar at bridge

1. Beyond the Clouds - Download...

Tiger's Roar at bridge, Deep Ocean Blue

at neck

2. Variations, Part one - Download...

3. Variations, Part two - Download...