Deep Ocean Blue


A powerful humbucker pickup with neodymium magnets and a unique inner layout. With a huge attack and a powerful output, and soaring highs and brutal growl. Designed with those in mind who adore the crisp, firm sounds. Pairs exceptionally well with single coils. No need to split it, has plenty of highs. Giving the ultimate definition and bite when used with high gain.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms): 2300Hz
  • DC resistance: 13k


Bright and vivid hi-fi sound with soft, full lows and bell like highs. From clean sounds through biting crunch to the high-gain solos, it can do all.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms): between 2800-3200Hz (as requested)
  • DC resistance: between 7-9 k (as requested)

Deep Ocean Blue at Neck

1. Beyond the Clouds - Download...

Tiger's Roar at bridge, Deep Ocean Blue

at neck

2. Fantasia, Part one - Download...

3. Fantasia, Part two - Download...

4. Fantasia, Part three - Download...

5. Fantasia, Part four - Download...